Mittwoch, 1. August 2012

Sophie´s choice with color added

Sophie´s choice with color added

The original black and white is

Sophie is the waitress on the right working at Port Piet. This place is a Biergarten located at the former harbor where the turf was discharged til the beginning of the 20th century (Torfhafen in Findorff). Today you can enjoy your beer, your flammkuchen and hide from the blazing sun. What looks like a tortured pizza in the front is a flammkuchen. And the beer to the right is non-alcoholic Weizen Beer.
And here my special greetings to the two women and the two couples sitting on the right and left. And Sophie of course.
In Biergarten in Germany it is quite common to join a group of complete strangers. That can become quite interesting.

Ink on paper, then scannes, then printed, then water colored and scanned and photoshopped.

Drawn on location according to urban sketchers manifesto.

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